Engineering design is an essential component of building project development, which includes the creation of various internal communication systems.

We offer integrated design of engineering systems as part of the development of a common building project, as well as services for the development of a separate system.

  • The project of power supply to the premises (including the development of the lighting project).
  • Development of general ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Design of sewerage and water supply systems.
  • Development of a project for laying structured cable networks and television.
  • Design of security systems for access control and management.
    Implementation of sprinkler fire extinguishing system projects.
    Design of video surveillance systems.
  • Development of smoke removal and fire extinguishing systems projects.

Our team performs calculations both for private customers and for industrial purposes. We carry out design for residential, administrative, public, commercial and industrial buildings and structures.

It should be remembered that the competent design and selection of materials appropriate for the quality and declared characteristics ensures a comfortable and safe operation of communications and is an essential component for obtaining positive examinations and approvals from supervisory authorities.

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